CILIA2012 Conference

'Cilia in Development and Disease'

1st International Scientific Conference, 16-18 May 2012
Institute of Child Health, London

CILIA2012, the first meeting on Cilia in Development and Disease co-organised by the Ciliopathy Alliance was held on the 16-18th May, 2012, in London at the UCL Institute of Child Health. Over 300 delegates from 20 different countries participated with 39 talks and 139 poster presentations. The plenary speaker was John Wallingford, (University of Texas at Austin, USA) who spoke on 'Planar cell polarity, cilia and human disease'.

Ciliopathy Alliance Launch & Cilia Awareness Day

The Ciliopathy Alliance was launched in the UK on 29th November 2010 at a Cilia Awareness Day organised by the Alliance’s founding members.