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Cilia2022 EMBO Worshop - Cologne


Welcome to the Cilia2022 EMBO Workshop

Cilia2022 will be the fifth consecutive biennial European Cilia Conference, which will take place as a hybrid event in Cologne and virtually. We initiated this series in London (Cilia2012), followed by Paris (Cilia2014), Amsterdam (Cilia2016) and Copenhagen (Cilia2018).

Two decades of groundbreaking discoveries in cilia biology has revolutionized our understanding of the critical role of cilia in signaling, development, tissue homeostasis and disease. Ever since, this field and the community have been growing rapidly. Major breakthroughs continue to occur in cilia research with the number of publications still increasing exponentially. Therefore, there is a continued need for meetings that promote scientific exchange and networking in this highly interdisciplinary field.

Main Topics

  1. Molecular and clinical aspects of ciliopathies (including kidney, eye, brain, and motile ciliopathies)
  2. Cilia in tumour cells and cancer
  3. Cilia in metabolism
  4. Cilia in neurons
  5. Structure biology of cilia, basal bodies, centrioles, and centrosomes
  6. Ciliary protein and membrane trafficking Cilia in signalling and development
  7. Motile cilia or flagella

Cilia2022 – Patient’s Day

The first day of Cilia2022 is geared to allow active exchange between patient groups and researchers. Cilia2022 Patient's Day is free of charge to patients, family members/carers and patient groups.

We will start with a patient-scientist satellite meeting in a very interactive format. Short statements from a panel of leading cilia researchers and clinicians will be followed by a ‘World Café’ format discussion. This involves small tables of patients, their families, and support groups mixing with researchers to engage in in-depth dialogue.

Later that day, there will be a general patient-scientist exchange session.

After our keynote lecture, a welcome reception will bring together both scientists and patients, while we will have a unique science poster exhibition for patients and families.

Funding is available for travel and accommodation.

Please contact us to receive a link for a free registration and more information about funding.

Important Dates

February 2022
Opening abstract submission and online registration

June 30, 2022
Deadline “early bird” registration

July 11, 2022
Deadline abstract submission

August 08, 2022
Acceptance notification abstracts


Location information

Maternushaus Hotel

1-3 Kardinal-Frings-Straße
North Rhine-Westphalia 50668