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CILIA 2014 International Conference

Cilia 2014, the second International 'Cilia in Development and Disease Scientific Conference' was held from 18-21 November 2014, at the Institut Louis Pasteur, Paris, France.

A report summarising the main highlights of Cilia 2014 has been published in Cilia and is available at:

The presentations (Proceedings) of the Cilia 2014 Conference can be found at

The abstracts have been published in full text and PDF versions and the supplement listing will be sent to PubMed.

Cilia 2014 gave individuals and families affected by ciliopathies the opportunity to meet and engage with scientists. Especially at the gala dinner where all the delegates were mixed at tables, enabling informal and lively interactions.

Photo. From left to right: Euan Copeland, Margarita Sweeney-Baird, Drina, Michael and Richard Parker, Tess Harris, Flavia Galletti, Philippe Bastin, Hannah Mitchison and Fiona Copeland

Presentations from the patient-scientists session are available and can be downloaded from here.

The organisers wish to thank all the participants for excellent presentations and for enthusiastic discussions. We also wish to thank all our sponsors for their generous support.

The next meeting - Cilia 2016 - will be organised in Amsterdam from 4 to 7 October 2016, under the supervision of Ronald Roepman, chair of the organising committee. We are looking forward to another exciting conference.

Photo: Ronald will take over from Philippe Bastin!

The winners of the best student poster awards sponsored by the GDR CIL and the Société Française de Biologie du Développement: Jansen Vera, Caesar Research Centre, Bonn; Fowlkes-Comninellis Tiffanie, Washington University, Saint Louis; Bergen Dylan, University of Bristol; Grampa Valentina, Inserm U1163, Paris; Rua Ferreira Rita, IGBMC, Strasbourg.

The organising committee congratulates the laureates and wishes to thank all poster judges for their excellent job in evaluating more than 60 posters.

Photo: The 5 laureates are Vera Jansen, Tiffanie Fowlkes-Comninellis, Dylan Bergen, Valentina Grampa and Rita Rua Ferreira (from left to right)

The winner of the best student oral presentation award sponsored by the journal Mammalian Genome was Gerald Liew, Stanford University. The organising committee congratulates the laureate.

Photo: A happy winner!